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For decades, JAGD STIEDL has been famous for offering Hungary's most exclusive bird hunting programs.  However, for much of the 20th Century, access to Hungary's world class shooting estates was restricted by the ruling Soviet regime.  In 1989, as the country regained its freedom and opened its borders to tourists, discerning sportsmen from around the world hurried to experience Hungary's legendary wingshooting firsthand.  At the time, JAGD STIEDL served as the predominant outfitter tasked with welcoming international sportsmen back to Hungary.  Because of this, and strong relationships with private estate owners, JAGD STIEDL secured Hungary's top wingshooting venues.

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Hunting Season

Duck Hunting : August 15 - December 31  /  Driven Pheasant Shooting : October 15 - February 15  /  Upland Pheasant Hunting : October 15 - February 15


Driven Pheasant, Upland Pheasant, Flighted Duck, Wild Boar, Mufflon, Red Stag, Roe Deer & Fallow Deer

Ideal Group Size

Six to 10 + Hunters  (exceptions can sometimes be accommodated)



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