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Since JAGD STIEDL became Europe's premier hunting outfit in the 1950's, we've acquired a number of tremendous big game hunting properties in Hungary.  From legendary Red Stag hunts to unrivalled driven boar shooting and challenging Mufflon hunting, JAGD STIEDL guests enjoy the very best big game hunting Hungary has to offer.  As it is with the bird hunting in Hungary, many of the big game hunting seasons are short and booking well in advance is suggested to ensure availability.  Almost all big game hunting in Hungary can be combined with JAGD STIEDL wingshooting and exclusive touring programs.

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The Red Stag hunting in Hungary is considered to be among the best in all of Europe.  These red deer are native to Hungary and can be found in good numbers throughout much the country's woodlands. The rut generally runs from mid September to mid October, during which time the deer are extremely active.


Photos & More Details : Red Stag Hunting

Red Stag

August 01 - December 31

Wild Boar

Driven Wild Boar

Year-Round (Stalking & High-Seat)

October 15 - January 31

JAGD STIEDL's driven boar hunting has become one of the most popular hunting programs in Hungary.  These unique hunts are fast-paced and can be extremely challenging. In addition to the wild boar, hunters often have the opportunity to take other game - stag, mouflon, fallow deer - during each drive.



Photos & More Details : Driven Boar Hunting

Roe Deer

April 15 - October 15

European Roe Deer hunting has a long history in Hungary.  Taken for meat and as unique trophies, the Roe Deer has a special place in the hearts of European and international hunters.


Photos & More Details : Roe Deer Hunting


Main Season : September 01 - February 28

The European Mufflon is a wild sheep considered to be part of the "goat antelope" family known as Caprinae.  The Mufflon hunting in Hungary can be both challenging and rewarding.


Photos & More Details : Mouflon Hunting

European Fallow Deer

Main Season : October 01 - January 31

The European Fallow Deer's rutting season is a little later than that of the Red Stag, usually occurring in November.  Classic walk-and-stalk hunting is most common, although sometimes the deer are hunted from tree blinds.


Photos & More Details : Fallow Deer  Hunting

Mouflon-Hunting-in-Hungary WIld-Boar-Hunt-in-Hungary Driven-Boar-Hunting-Hungary Hunting-Roe-Deer-Hungary Hunting-Fallow-Deer-in-Hungary Red-Stag-Hunting-Hungarian-Big-Game

Hunting wild boar in Hungary can be done year-round and can easily be combined with any JAGD STIEDL wingshooting or big game program.  The majority of the boar hunting is done by stalking and by high-seat. Day hunts can easily be arranged from downtown Budapest (or from downtown Vienna).


Photos & More Details : Wild Boar Hunting

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